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The Youth of Strong Tower Resource Center are certainly growing in the Lord. The number one goal is to remain spiritually connected with the Lord throughout our life time. While, to one day share the glory of eternal life with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. By doing so, having a Godly heart and living a life of Holiness will take you there. Although, recognizing the will of the Lord and understanding His wisdom does not come overnight, yielding to be obedient and believing in the power of prayer leads to a successful spiritual experience.

Recently, our Youth had the opportunity to join together with other parishes from NJ1 and NJ2 zones to participate in the opening rally for the 2012 RCCG North America 16th annual Convention – A New Garment. During that time, hundreds of young people, youth all across this nation gave their lives to Christ.

Our up and coming events are the youth and children’s Praise team, where ministration will be interpreted by choreography. Also, a drill team, soap and candle making classes, community services, fund raising tips and ideas just to name a few.

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